Having a lolly old time!


Summertime. It’s really here. No sign of rain for such a long time, and our lawn has the scorch marks to prove it. Except for the bit where we’ve had the paddling pool set up – obviously there is a ring of bright luscious green there. Never sure if that’s because of the constant sloshing of water over the side, or the constant toddler weeing that seems to happen in that area…

Sunshine, paddling pools, and lollies. Thats the drill, I think. Except, I’m not a fan of lollies. Not true. I am a fan of lollies. I’m not a fan of making lollies. Instagram is bursting full of icy works of colourful and exciting art, and I am always left feeling totally inadequate. Inadequate because I can’t seem to muster the basic skills of lolly making.

All of my previous attempts had me putting together ridiculous combos of flavours, covering the kitchen floor in sticky liquids that only swarms of flies were interested in, and despite having purchased nearly every lolly mould created since the beginning of time, I still can’t seem to find a set that works for us. I’m also not going to go into too many details, but the top drawer of our freezer is basically a write off that I can’t go near since a bad lolly making episode last year. Apparently it is important to secure and store your freshly made lollies in the correct manner. Just saying.

After countless requests from my over heated toddler, I’ve had to seriously rethink my lolly game. So, here is my most successful attempt at a jolly lolly. It’s very straightforward, but for me, totally worth celebrating. Because they work. Because they are tasty. Because they have veggies in them. Because I didn’t ruin any more of our freezer drawers, and my husband is still talking to me.





  • 1 handful of frozen sliced banana
  • 1 handful of frozen chopped mango
  • 1 handful of frozen cauliflower
  • water
  • any other bright berries to decorate

Prep/equipment- NutriBullet/processor/blender of your choice, lolly moulds, a funnel (if you are as messy as me).

  1. put banana, mango and cauliflower into blender and top up with water. Blitz.
  2. sprinkle brightly coloured chopped berries into lolly mould, I used raspberries.
  3. pour mixture into moulds, then freeze.


These are endless. Please do let me know your winning combos/methods/tips.


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